Wasabi Lime Sauce

 Wasabi Lime Sauce A unique combination of wasabi, lime, mayonnaise, and sesame oil. Great with fish, chicken , and stir frey's use as a glaze or dipping sauce or as a salad dressing for a shrimp or crab salad.

Ingredients: Mayonaise (canola oil, eggs, vinegar, salt, water, sugar, spice, natural flavors, calcium disodium, EDTA to protect flavor), Water, Sugar, Wasabi Powder, Lime Juice, Sesame Oil, Rice Vinegar, Jalapeno Puree (jalapeno peppers, salt, vinegar, natural flavors), Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benoxoate, Salt, Zanthan Gum.

Wasabi Lime Sauce
14 oz bottle $5.75 ea. Quantity  
1 Case (12) bottles $5.00 ea. Quantity  

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