Cheesy Garlic Spice

Nono Primo's ultimate creation of the finest blend of cheeses and garlic. Use this to make garlic bread, or sprinkle on pastas, vegetables or mashed potatoes.
This is Primo's most versatile spice.

Ingredients: Garlic, maltodextrin, parmesan cheese powder (skim milk, cheese cultures, enzymes, whey, buttermilk, sodium phosphate), salt, spices, cheddar cheese, onion.

 Cheesy Garlic Spice
Cheesy Garlic Spice
5 oz bottle $5.75 Quantity  
1 Case (12) bottles $4.75
Super Size It!! - Super Save-Er!!
20 oz. Jar $ 18.00 Quantity  
1 Case (12) 20 oz. Jars
$ 190.00

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